Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shake Shack

Will post more later!

(Image public domain via Wikipedia)

Shake Shack is a burger joint in New York City. Actually, there are a few of them, but they're owned by the same guy/group/company. People who live in and around New York know this place is infamous for it's long lines but the burgers are great. They can be pretty messy and greasy, but they're very tasty!
I also recommend the shakes as well as the fries. All of the shakes are great, but you may wanna share it with a friend, they're pretty big.

Bottom line: the burgers are great but really greasy

About $5 for a single Shack Burger


  1. New York city is where it's ad!
    Did you know they have some of the biggest ads in the USA located there?

  2. You have to post more! everybody loves a good burger ;)